YAM Young Adult Ministry

Unlimited Growth
The best practice in life is to be a blessing to others. Let God use you. This is a road to a beautiful life. It is time to think of what is possible with Christ. Deepen your personal relationship with God Discover the balance in life of being a Christian in today’s time. Because with God all things are possible to those who believe.
YAM Vision
Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry opportunities and Evangelism

YAM Mission
To be led by the Holy Spirit seeking to provide spiritual growth thru inspiration and guidance to adults ages 18 to 45. Those who are single, married,  widowed,  divorced  and with or without children,  to empower Christians to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
Focusing on Your Gifts
Dedicating your great gifts to God as you grow closer to Him.  Learning that you have salvation, freedom, and unfailing Love in Jesus Christ.  Forgetting those things which are behind, standing in faith in the present and worshipping and serving Him for the future.
YAM Offers
Fellowship and worship, prayer sessions, bible study, community works, opportunities to be servants of Christ.
Join us
Looking for a place to serve the Lord? Come and serve with amazing young people.
Bible study relating to Living in the Spirit
Great Seasonal community service
Family events
Contact Us
MT Tabor Baptist Church
Young Adult Ministry
21795 Mattaponi Trail
Milford Va  22514
Reginia M  804-418-0495
Darnell W  804-248-9919