What or Who Do You Worship?

In America these days, idols are everywhere. Music idols like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Sports idols like Jeter or Manning. Fashion idols like Gucci, Armani or Prada. We even have television shows to make our own "American Idol."  It's as if there is a need, a hunger in America to idolize.

A simple definition of idol worship is to believe that anything besides God can help us, or to hold something as more important to us than God.  Thus if we hold our property (for example) as more important than God /or give our jobs more time and attention than God - we are committing idol worship.

Your god is whoever or whatever occupies your mind most of the time. Many people are devoted to their idols. They will spend huge amounts of their time, money, and efforts on serving an idol.

But worshipping idols leads to hurt and destruction. Surrendering to Jesus Christ leads to forgiveness, love, and life that will last forever. Turning to Him means a genuine commitment to Him, to follow His plan for your life. Thankfully, many people are turning away from the idols of destruction in our land, and are finding new life in Jesus Christ. The Lord has a good plan, a beautiful plan for your life, if you yield your life to Him. His love, forgiveness and compassion are everlasting.

This means a genuine commitment, a genuine surrender and trust in the living Christ. Will you put your faith in Him, and entrust your life to Him today? If this is what you are really willing to do, pray sincerely in your own words, and ask Jesus Christ to truly become the Lord and Savior of your life. Ask Him to forgive your sins, and cleanse you. And make a genuine commitment of your life to Him, to follow Him as your Lord.