Bible Museum trip June 29, 2019
Sponsered by the Youth Ministry
July - August Birthdays
Bible Museum trip June 29, 2019
Sponsered by the Youth Ministry

In-Person Services Begin January 3, 2021

The following instructions MUST be followed if we are to be successful:
1. The front door to the Fellowship Hall is the only point of entry
2.  Enter only in the areas of the building that you are guided into.
3. If your temperature is 100.4 and above, you will not be eligible to stay.
4. Facemasks must be worn AT ALL TIMES.
5. As we will worship in the fellowship hall you will be seated from back to front.
6. Departure is thru the double doors; recess from the back.
7. Maintain DISTANCING guidelines AT ALL TIMES.
8. Restroom usage is limited to one person at a time and will be monitored.
9. If you require a fan please take it when you leave.
10. No moment of fellowship.
11. We encourage you to depart the campus ASAP; do not stay inside to talk.
12. If you choose to gather outside, remember that we expect all guidelines to remain enforced. Refrain
      from groupings of 6 or more, keep your mask on at all times and maintain 6 feet apart.  We would 
      like to discourage this type of action unless it is an emergency.

If there are any immediate questions I invite you to allow me to address them.

Pastor Garcia


Bible Study on Facebook Live

Access the Mt. Tabor Facebook page using the link below at 7:00 p.m. via Facebook Live .

Staying Safe against the Virus

Take precautions to protect yourself and others:
1.  Wash your hands often.
2.  Avoid large gatherings.
3.  Wipe down surfaces within your home and workspace.

Our Mission

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