This message will be charting a new journey on WAITING! I'm sure you can't WAIT to get started...that was a poor joke but I couldn't help it.
We will lay the foundation to this topic because it is a lot to cover. So, let me get you going in the right direction. In a nutshell, WAITING or the act of WAITING is about MIND over MATTER. What do I mean by the natural/flesh you may not have Mr. or Mrs. Right in your life at the present moment but you desire to have him or her part of your existence right now. Unfortunately, you can't have Mr. or Mrs. Right in the immediate so you have to WAIT for him or her to show up. From the present time until Mr. or Mrs. Right becomes a part of your life, you have to convince your mind that Mr. or Mrs. Right will be worth waiting for. Whether it takes 1 week or 10 years - day after day you have to come to the conclusion that WAITING is not a bad thing but rather a good thing because you will be better off in the end; thus the concept of mind over matter.
In the spiritual, you have to do the same thing with God's blessings because God distributes His blessings at His discretion and in His own timing. Therefore, WAITING is a part of our spiritual growth and development and the sooner we are able to exercise our spiritual mind over our fleshly matter, the easier life becomes.

There is no better place to begin than with Job (Job 14:14) which confirms Paul's declaration in Philippians that "whatever state I am in, I will be content." In other words, Job and Paul arrived at a spiritual level of recognition that I can be in my lowest condition (the matter) but still be patience enough to WAIT for the blessing that's on the way (the made-up mindset). Therefore, WAITING is a mind or perspective of hope; never loosing hope in what's to come. Our greatest hope is in the second coming of the Lord; our total release of worldly cares and sorrows into an eternal state where every day will be like Sunday and the Sabbath will have no end. So, as we endure our earthly challenges, compare our day-to-day obstacles to our eternal glory in heaven and we should be able to press through whatever MATTER we're in.

In our scripture text, Job lost his farm animals (income), his house and children at the hand of Satan all because God trusted Job's faith. Job could have complained and cursed God but he wouldn't allow his mind to fall beneath his present matter; he knew and had total trust in his heart that his God would never leave him nor forsake him. At the end of the story, God gave Job double for WAITING with the right ATTITUDE (it's all connected).
As you prepare for these lessons, determine the things that you inquired of God and if God haven't delivered on those blessings yet, how much longer are you willing to WAIT for them? And how much more are you willing to endure until they arrive.