Community Outreach Ministry

Mount Tabor understands that we are called by Christ to take the gospel both to the far corners of the earth and to the corners of our neighborhood. Our home missions efforts center around the public preaching and teaching of God’s revealed Word, as we invite all to come and find truth in a world overrun by falsehood. We supplement the preaching of God’s Word with various efforts to reach out to our community.

Our Home Mission (Missionary), Deaconess and Evangelism For God Ministries works to involve members in a number of local ministries, including Yard Beautification program for Seniors and Disabled Veterans, Thanksgiving Baskets, Feed the Homeless program. Through the use of these resources, our members are equipped to go into the community as witnesses to take the gospel to Caroline County  and surrounding Counties in Virginia. It is our prayer that this witness would grow in scope, in intensity, and in effect as God calls His people to Himself.

Caroline County Resorces

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Caroline County Local Assistance and Resource List