Nursing Ministry

The Nursing Ministry helps the congregation care for one another…to help attain, maintain and/or regain the best possible whole person health wellness of body, mind, and spirit that can be experienced.
At Mount Tabor Baptist Church, the Nursing Ministry members are committed to meeting the needs of the congregation by providing care and compassion that provides comfort to others.
        Our ministry serves the Kingdom through spiritual guidance, worship,  fellowship, and outreach in the community. 
To provide comfort and support to members and visitors during: regular worship services, funerals and special events.

The Nursing Ministry is responsible for the following:
To help with the needs of the Pastor and congregation.
Be dressed in required uniform attire and ready to assist members and guests with comfort and first aid care in case of emergencies until the arrival of medical professionals
To care for persons that becomes sickly or injured during the service, and to assist in those who may fall out under the Holy Ghost during a service
Assist in comforting the bereaved during the funeral of a loved one.
Educate the church family in health related issues with information regarding the prevention of illness and diseases and provide in service workshops to church members concerning health.

Consider joining this ministry? 
If you are someone who is caring, compassionate and patient, someone who likes to help others. Please join and help bring wholeness, honesty and spiritual guidance to the church. 
Expectations if you join us? 
One must become certified in First Aid and CPR.  You will be in uniform when on duty at church functions and traveling with the Pastor.  You must be willing to help out when needed.

Chair:  Sister Tashana Taylor
(804) 867-8322
Our Prayer:
May I be a dedicated and caring nurse, Lord.
May my HANDS be competent and soothing.
May my SMILE be sincere and understanding.
May my MANNER be warm and professional.
May my HEART be compassionate and giving. And
May my SPIRIT be hopeful and uplifting.
In the name of Jesus I pray.