Usher Ministry

MTBC Ushers Ministry
For a day in thy courts in better than a thousand. I had rather be  a doorkeeper in the house of my God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness. Psalms 84:10

Usher’s Mission
We welcome those who seek the Lord with kindness and gentleness that wins souls.
We ask that our ways be pleasing in the sight of the Lord.
To exalt the Savior, edify the Saint and to evangelize the sinner.

Usher Partnership: Greet with a smile, Welcome with a smile and Love with a smile.

Usher Ministry

God gave all of us a gift. He wants us to use this gift. So if you don’t know what your gift is, ask God and he will reveal it to you. If you think your gift is being an usher, contact Christine Lee or Gloria Taylor.

The Ushers:  To allow kindness and goodness to show forth in us, to uplift the spirit of the Lord and focus of the needs of others.
Usher Offering: Helpful hands, a calm peaceful environment. Encouragement among one and another. Family and community support.

Focus of Growing in Grace
Help build up your relationship with God, by walking in kindness and goodness. Bless everyone with love and joy from the heart. Helping one and another in peace and experience the presence of the Lord.



Join us
Looking for a place to serve the Lord. To serve with a great and peaceful team.
Calm and pleasant environment, with a safe feeling in the house of the Lord.
Share love with those who are in need.

Contact Us
Mt. Tabor Baptist Church
Usher Ministry
21795 Mattaponi Trail
Milford VA 22514
Christine Lee- 804-867-6099
Gloria Taylor – 804-850-6505