We will hit the ground running in the direction God intends for us to move physically and spiritually. Brace yourself because we will examine ourselves introspectively in order to produce the best person we can be for the glory of God.
The lesson on SERVICE deals with a definitive decision; which side of the fence do you fall, on the good side or the bad? I know this is a harsh way to begin a new Bible Study lesson but we have to get to the root of the matter. There are too many people within the walls of the church that still waver in the acts of service for The Lord. Some people ride the fence when it comes to serving God and the people of God. One Sunday, they will be faithful in diligently working for The Lord in a particular manner such as a ministry, but then become M.I.A. (Missing In Action) on other Sundays. Sometimes they show up and other times you can't find them. Sometimes you can count on them and other times you can't.
Pastors and even church leaders become frustrated because they need more hands-on-deck when it comes to workers in the vineyard for The Lord. In other words, in order for the vision to be accomplished, God, pastors, and church leaders, need faithful, obedient, and consistent servants putting forth intentional effort to make the vision a reality. Therefore, the prophet Malachi distinguishes between good and bad in comparison to servants and those who do not; the relevant question we will explore in this first lesson is where do you fall on the fence of service?
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