Military Familes

Whether you’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from friends and family, or you have friends and family in the area, we want you to think of us as your second family. Whether you’re single or married, just out of high school, or just out of college, we want you to feel comfortable here.  Whether you’re in the Navy, Marines, or Army, we exist to serve you and your family because we understand and appreciate how hard you work to serve us.

We understand difficulties of living far from home. That’s why we want to provide a place for you, where you feel welcomed and loved, and where you know your service to our country is appreciated.

If you have children, we welcome you to bring your children to our Kidz Zone Ministry. And if your single, we encourage you to find a place either in our Young Adults, Singles (coming soon), Men's, or Women's ministries.

No matter how far from friends or family you live, or whether you’re getting ready to go to Afghanistan or just returned, we believe every soldier deserves a hero's welcome. 


That’s why we offer 'Operation Southern Comfort' —A quarterly gathering for military personnel and your spouse, to let you know we appreciate your service to our country.


We’re working on details for upcoming events